LM Cases


Tradeshow & Exhibit

Multimedia Support Cases

LM Cases

Portable Dual Outdoor Rated 55” Monitor Sideline Case
Microsoft Surface Studio 2 Shipping Case
6RU Flyable Network Switch Rack For Dusty/Industrial Environments
Apple Portable Computing Work Station
Portable Game Film Trunk With 60” TV
Nvidia Compact IT Workbox
32 RU Portable Server Noise Isolation Rack
Boeing 6 Capacity Monitor Trade Show Shipping Case
Evonik Portable Server Rack
Daktronics ECCB LED Display Lift Case
Samsung SD850 32” Display Case
Smart 6065 Display Shipping Case
Portable Locker Room Sound System Trunk
27” Apple iMac Travel Case
150 Capacity Amazon Kindle Fire Charging Transport Case
75 Capacity Amazon Kindle Fire Charging Trade Show Display Case
Sharp Electronics Portable Server Rack
Smart 442i Table Trade Show Shipping Case
20 Capacity Portable iPad Sync/Charge Cart
20 Capacity Laptop Charging Case
Portable iPad Sync/Charge Case
90 Capacity iPad Charging Case
12 Space Portable Video Server Rack
Nintendo Wii U Burn Case
Compact Video Presentation Lift Case
University Of Oregon Chooses LM Cases For Portable iPad & Notebook Charging Case
50 Capacity Acer Iconia Case
Boeing Chooses LM Cases For Samsung Monitor Cases
Smart Technologies UF75 System Case
75 Capacity iPad ATA Case
Custom 60 Capacity iPad Flight Case
Nintendo Wii & Rock Band Case
Boeing Chooses LM Cases For NEC P401-AVT Monitor
HP Laserjet Printer Case

Plastic Cases

8 Capacity Amazon Fire HD10 Waterproof Transport Case
32 Capacity iPad Charging Pelican Case