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2020 Amenities Case - Executive Elite

This case is designed to be a fully integrated craft services unit. The case features a bold wood grain laminate that emulates bourbon barrels. The case will stand out in any green room, office, or lobby. The case features a 4.5 cu. ft refrigerator, microwave, commercial grade Keurig®, grill, and Sonos® sound system. The case comes fully integrated with all items shown. 

The commercial grade Keurig® and grill are mounted on slide out shelf’s. The Keurig® and grill are held in place with a custom CNC cut pieces of marine grade plastic to prevent movement during transport. A 10 capacity display rack is located next to the Keurig® to provide quick access to K-Cups. A LM Tour Systems power distribution unit is located in the top center of the case. 2 Sonos One SL® speakers are located at the top right and left of the case. These speakers are designed for wireless streaming over Wifi. The speakers are controlled via the Sonos® app or through Apple Airplay®. The speakers are configured for left and right stereo audio. This case can be added to an existing Sonos® network and or create a new one. A LM Tour Systems power distribution unit provides 8 Edison outlets, 8 high powered USB outlets and two Powercon® outlets for expansion. Power is managed through a transformer isolated distribution unit. The appliances are on one side of the transformer, with the speakers on the other. This prevents noise in the audio system when the appliances are in use. Power is supplied to the case via a 30ft retractable cable reel outfitted with a standard 15amp Edison plug.  

3 HD drawers are provided for storage. Each drawer is built out of ½” Baltic birch plywood and is laminated on the interior & exterior. A side mounted pop up table is included for additional storage during use. The case exterior is built out of 3/8” plywood laminated with custom wood grain laminate. The case features 9 deep recessed handles, 2 pad-lockable latches, and 4” Colson casters. The front 2 casters are locking. The front lid includes table legs.

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2020 Amenities Case - Executive Compact D1 Power Distribution Box