LM Cases



I looked it up in our inventory system, and our first P.O. with LM was in November 1994. Since then our business has continued to grow together. We have always valued our relationship with LM because of the quality products they manufacture and the customer service that they give me as a customer.

We put their trunks in some pretty bad environments: rainy weather, muddy football fields and underneath buses. The dependability of both the products and the people behind the products gives me comfort when we send a headset system to a customer. LM is always there to take care of CoachComm and its customers when the need arises.I really do value our relationship with LM. You guys are a great bunch of people to work with.

Bob Helton
LLCWinning Solutions


After nearly 30 years of hating every case company we ever tried, we are so far, absolutely LOVING our new case supplier LM Cases! Just like us, they are meticulous on the front end design, engineering, and document drafting, which results in a far more precise, and consistently repeatable product on the back end. The 3D engineering documents they produce are literally detailed shop fabrication drawings, which show every conceivable measurement, angle, view, piece of hardware, foam, etc. They leave nothing to chance, eliminate guesswork, miscommunication, misunderstandings, and questions. They build exactly what's on the drawing to our high standards, deliver it when promised, and make no excuses, in the unlikely event they don't. They stand behind their products, and in the rare instance they need to make corrections or modifications to the finished product, they do so happily, and on time. You get what you pay for for sure...and its most definitely worth a few extra dollars for premium service, and premium quality with no headaches. Thank you LM Cases keep up the good work and you will have a customer for life!

Michael Zaskey
Zasco Productions

Our first big event was a Baptist Regional conference this past weekend. The client was wowed by our great sound system and beautiful cases. The M32 case is truly the ultimate addition to the mixer as it not only protects our investment, the doghouse and sled-base add functionality to an already impressive system. They even commented on the case we have our Roland V800HD in, when we mentioned that they were all from LM Engineering they were amazed! Great cases once again. We now have 9 cases from LM Engineering in our inventory and they are all excellent and worthy investments.

Collin Kennedy, CTS
Technology Manager
City Of Plano Texas

LM Engineering has been providing quality cases with unsurpassed service to NEP for 20 years. Any size, shape or style of equipment that you need protected and they can come up with a quality case solution all at an affordable cost!

Brian Conley C.P.M
Purchasing Manager
NEP Supershooters

BlueWater Technologies has been with LM from the moment they started through today. Knowledge, good materials, and a damn good design is a good recipe…but there's way more than that.

Besides all the options of stacking cups, heavy-duty wheels, silk-screened logos in multicolors, there remains the soul of the company…their PEOPLE.

I believe the LM staff give them their edge. Each and every one of them is committed to doing their best for me every time. Our opportunities are never cookie-cutter here at BlueWater, and there are many times where our customers demand the impossible from us. I accept that…knowing I have a vendor that will work with me to take on that challenge.

There are many that look for only one thing, the lowest cost. But I believe BlueWater's reputation is worth far more than a cheap case. Our only choice is to protect our investments with the best insurance you can have in the AV industry – you have to send it in an LM Case.

Mark Chizmar
Manager of Operations, Shows-Rentals
BlueWater Technologies


AV Images has used LM Cases exclusively since 1994. LM is a combination of all the best qualities one could want in a vendor - creative, dedicated, dependable and easy to work with.

LM has always designed the best solutions for our complex equipment, using the highest quality of materials. They've consistently delivered cases on time, regardless of the volume, and stayed competitively priced.

Their highly skilled personnel have always provided us with a level of service that is second to none. Their cases are built tough and sturdy &$150; and they look good, too!

LM Cases have secured AV Images' equipment and ultimately ensured our clients' success.

I am proud to recommend LM Engineering!

William Trombino
Director of Operations
AV Images, Inc.


I would like to extend my sincere gratitude toward all of the staff at LM Cases for exemplary performance and their quality products.

Raytheon Solipsys have been purchasing custom cases from LM since 2003. During these past four years we have never been disappointed. Their Engineering Department has designed some of my most abstract requests without breaking stride. They have gone above and beyond to assist me in making demanding deadlines for military customers. I believe their organization has set a new standard for customer satisfaction.

Keep up the outstanding work!

Frank Winterling
Program Manager, MCP Systems
Raytheon Solipsys


I have been very satisfied with the quality and turnaround time of LM Cases. They have stood the test of time with our demanding trade show schedule.

Mark Fife
Creative Services
The Boeing Company


Thank you to you and your staff for helping us build very customized cases for our show. The cases arrived safely yesterday and they are beautiful! It's kind of funny that I think road cases are beautiful, but that is our business I guess. The time and attention did not go unnoticed, and will help throughout the touring life of our show.

Megan Wanlass Szalla
Managing Director
SITI Company


LM has been supplying us with custom-built case products for over 20 years, consistently ranking as one of our top ten suppliers.

The staff is always able to handle our new designs, and they have become a partner in the best sense, working as an extension of our own manufacturing and inventory systems.

Bill and the crew are always great to work with. They consistently provide quality goods at a reasonable price, and back it up with real customer service.

Don Stauffer
Director of Operations
Leprecon, LLC


From design to delivery, LM Cases did an outstanding job. Our new cases have allowed us to become more efficient on the road. The customer service has been excellent throughout the process.

David Gable
Head Football Athletic Trainer
TCU Sports Medicine


You guys are great – customer service is unmatched. I always get a reply from you (even if we're both on vacation). The cases are built really well and have been exactly to-spec, even the one-off, custom jobs. What more could we ask for?

Erik Anderson
Parts Department
American Music & Sound