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Nintendo Of America Chooses LM Cases For “Burn Unit”

Recently LM Cases was commissioned by Nintendo of America to build a custom case to allow Nintendo designers to create custom game configurations on the road. The case features slots for 8 Wii game burners (there are only 8 desktop Wii game burners in existence!), a printer, laptop docking stations, and a 19" LCD monitor.

The case shell is manufactured out of 1/2" plywood, and features white UHMW plastic runners on the exterior allowing for softer contact with walls and other road cases. The case rides on super HD 4" x 2" casters, and features deep recessed handles. The bottom of the case is skirted with 1/4" aluminum flat-stock to help protect the bottom of the case against forklift damage.

The interior of the case was custom designed to be modular and interchangeable. Due to the advancement rate of technology, it was decided that the best plan of attack to ensure the longevity of the case was to make all inserts of the case interchangeable. This was accomplished by designing "inserts", which are complete foam surrounds glued together in sets. If Nintendo wants to change out a piece of equipment in the case in the future, we can simply make them a new insert and they can just slide it in. This offers maximum flexibility and cost savings due to the fact that the case never has to return to our plant to be modified.

The interior also features 2 slide out work surfaces for laptops to rest on while working, and 2 large  drawers for accessory storage. The 19" LCD monitor is mounted on a position control swivel arm, this allows the monitor to be easily viewed in any work configuration. Wiring is accessed via the 2 trap doors on the rear of the case, allowing quick easy access to all cables while keeping them out of sight.

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