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Smart Technologies UF75 System Case

This case was designed for Smart Technologies. The case is designed to transport the UF75 system to trade shows around the world in the most demanding transportation situations. The case is also designed to be easy to move by incorporating over a years worth of ergonomic research by the LM Cases design department. This case features custom "pole" handles mounted in the front and rear lid that allow 90% of North American Males & Females to push or pull the case with their arm and forearm at a 90 degree angle. This angle allows maximum force to be applied with the least amount of physical strain. To aid in moving the case, we outfitted it with custom designed Darcor 3 wheel casters. The casters allow the outer two wheels to spin in opposite directions taking the weight off the center caster which makes the case easier to move.

Because the case is so easy to move, a specially designed braking system had to be designed to not only hold the case in place while it was being loaded and unloaded; the case also needed a way to be stopped if it got away from the handler. The brake system uses a single action lever on each side of the case that uses a rubber bumper to contact the ground and stop the case. The case can be stopped by engaging one brake in an emergency and be held in place while fully loaded at a 15 degree angle with both brakes engaged.

The exterior of the case also features LM Cases' proprietary aluminum forklift guard to protect the bottom of the case during shipment. The guard is extruded using 1/4" aluminum and contours the aluminum corner stock used to hold the plywood panels. This allows a flush design that prevents the guard from being damaged or ripped off. The case is built out of 1/2" plywood panels laminated with forest green ABS and features custom silkscreens of the SMART logo.

The interior features custom CNC cut foam inserts that hold each part of the system in their own contoured cavity. This not only offers maximum protection, it also provides a visual confirmation that all the equipment is packed at the end of the show. If you see an open compartment, this means that a part is missing.

There are also two 1/2" baltic birch drawers mounted on the inside of the case that feature CNC cut inserts that hold smaller components of the system.

Special thanks to SMART Technologies!

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