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50 Capacity Acer Iconia Case

This case was designed for Imperial Trading and was handled by our in house Custom Integration department. The case is designed to hold 50 Acer Iconia tablets in the upright position. The tablets are held in custom crosslink foam inserts which accommodates the tablets as well as each tablets power cord. Crosslink foam is considered a Class A scratch free surface to ensure the tablets will not scratch inside the case.

Mounted below the tablets are TrippLite RS/1215 RA power strips that sum the tablets into 4 circuits per case. The top foam is designed to hold each units power cord and direct it down to the power strip, ensuring neat cable management. (this is illustrated in the photos below with an Apple iPad which happens to be a similar size).

The cases are designed to charge the tablets in a trade show setting, at the end of each day the tablets can be returned to the case and be charged while the case lid is shut and locked. To get maximum air flow, we CNC cut custom vents into the case lid.

The total system is comprised of 150 tablets (3 cases total) that need to charge simultaneously, our CI department created a custom 40 amp power distro to achieve this issue, check out that post here: CLICK HERE Because dealing with 40 amp power may be a bit intimidating to a non experienced operator, the CI department created custom laser etched instruction panels in each case with the operation instructions. The operation instructions correspond to the operation instructions on the power distro rack.

The exterior case is built out of 3/8" plywood and features a custom silkscreen of the Imperial Trading logo, 4" Colson casters, and stacking caster wells.

Special thanks to Imperial Trading!

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