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Portable Server Rack Workstation

This case was designed for Imperial Trading as the center of their trade show support cases. The set of cases includes 3 - 50 capacity Acer Iconia cases (for more info on those cases CLICK HERE) and a custom power distribution case.

This case hold two mobile servers mounted on two slide out shelves mounted on HD Accuride glides. The case also contains a rack section that features a Tripplite RS/1215RA power strip, a 1RU drawer with a custom foam insert that holds a small monitor, a 2RU shelf, a 2RU sliding shelf, and a 6RU drawer with a custom foam insert that holds three wifi access ports.

Below the 18RU rack section is a custom power distribution case. The power distro was spec'd and designed by the LM Cases Custom Integration department. For more information on the power distro and case CLICK HERE.

The exterior case is built out of 3/8" plywood and features 4" Colson casters and custom silkscreens of the Imperial Trading logo. All the rack mounted equipment and power distribution were provided by our in house CI department.

Special thanks to Imperial Trading!

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50 Capacity Acer Iconia Case Yamaha Subkick Case