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Nintendo Wii U Burn Case

This case is part of a set designed for Nintendo to take to shows to work on software development; all electronics were installed and sold by the LM Cases Custom Integration (CI) department. The case is designed to be a mobile workstation that houses two computers and two specialized Wii U card writers. The computers share a monitor that is mounted in the case lid on a fully extendable rotating articulation mount allowing the monitor to be placed in any position needed for working. The case lid is supported by gas shocks to aid in the opening and closing process.

The LM Cases (CI) department worked with Nintendo from the project start to understand how the case would be utilized to ensure that the electronics and case design would integrate seamlessly with Nintendo's show schedule and current equipment. The CI department installed a HD multi format switcher which allowed the monitor to be shared by both computers and a variety of external inputs including RCA and HDMI inputs.  A wifi router was installed below the work surface to supply hard wired Ethernet connections to the computers in addition to providing wifi for the booth. A custom black anodized laser etched rack panel was created to re-locate vital inputs to the top of the work surface. These included the auxiliary inputs for the multi format switcher, 2 - USB 3.0 inputs for each computer, WAN in which supplies the router and an auxiliary cat5e jack output to provide a wired Ethernet connection to non wifi devices. The rack section also includes a TrippLite power strip providing 6 courtesy outlets to the work surface.

The case interior features a black Formica work surface that also houses the electronics, 5 black texture coated drawers mounted on HD Accuride glides, a slide out keyboard shelf and 2 - 2" foam lined compartments for the computers.

The case exterior is built out of 3/8" plywood and features 4" x 2" HD Colson locking casters and deep recessed hardware


Special thanks to Nintendo! 

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