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Samsung UN55D8000YF Monitor Case

This case was designed and built for Boeing. We spec'd our "E-Style" monitor case for their particular transportation application due to the extremely high level of protection the case offers. The E-Style design utilizes an interior and exterior case to hold the monitor. The interior case is a 3/8" lift off lid style case that allows the user to place the monitor face down in the thin tray of the inner case, while the larger top portion is then latched on. This allows for easy loading and unloading of the monitor, the top lid section has a large open section in the center to accommodate for the monitor's wall mount.

The exterior case is built out of our proprietary 3/8" composite panel laminated with yellow ABS plastic. The case features a front and rear removable lid, 4" x 2" HD casters, and our proprietary 1/4" aluminum forklift guard. The case also features custom silkscreens of the Boeing logo, as well as standard international shipping symbols.

The case interior accommodates 2 inner monitor cases as well as the detachable monitor speakers in a custom foam compartment. The inner monitor cases ride on dense PE foam blocks with white HDPE plastic laminated on top of the blocks. This allows for easy removal and loading of the inner cases, the blocks are spaced apace to allow for open case latches. If someone forgets to secure a bottom latch the foam will still allow loading of the case with out damaging the latch of the foam.

Special thanks to Boeing!

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