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Production Glue Large Format Production Workbox

This case was designed for Production Glue to be a modular production workbox. The case is designed around 3 & 4 drawer interlocking units, more info on the drawer units can be found by clicking this link: CLICK HERE. Production Glue offers its services to many diverse clients in different industries at a variety of locations ranging from outdoor sites to small conference centers. This presented a unique challenge to LM to create a case that was practical and large enough to carry all of the items needed, yet understated to blend in to the background at high profile events.

The interior of the large format version of the case is designed to hold 2 modular drawer inserts as well as a removable work surface. The work surface is built out of 3/4" Baltic Birch and features black texture coating as well as routed in handles for easy removal. The work surface board is mounted to the case via aluminum angle with removable pins to lock it in place. The size of the work surface is based around a large format printer for printing designs, the removable work surface board also aids in removing the 2 inner modular drawer units. The interior of the case also features a power box that is built out of brushed aluminum and black anodized. The power box features a recessed Hubbell inlet with a duplex outlet, and is mounted on the top of the case. Each drawer unit rests on a 2" foam block with a piece of 1/2" marine grade plastic mounted on the top to aid in loading and removal. 

The exterior case is built out of 3/8" plywood laminated with charcoal ABS plastic. The case is designed to be used up against a wall, to accomplish this; the top lid is set forward off the rear of the case to allow it to open fully with out hitting the wall. The top lid is supported by gas springs which assist in opening the lid, as well as keeping it open during use.  The front lid magnetically affixes to the front of the case as well as latches to the top lid. During use, the front lid magnetically stores flat on the back of the case which removes the need to store case lids at a show.

The exterior case also features a custom Production Glue ID tag as well as recessed dish holding a dry erase label that has information about case contents and show details. All items including the logo tags, power box were provided and installed by the LM Cases Custom Integration department. 

Special thanks to Production Glue! 

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