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8 Capacity Amazon Fire HD10 Waterproof Transport Case

This case was designed to hold 8 Amazon Fire HD10 tablets, 8 solar powered battery charging packs, and 8 USB power adapters. 

The design is based around a custom CNC cut PE foam insert mounted in a Storm iM2750 case. The foam insert features an individual compartment for each item to provide immediate visual confirmation that an item is present or missing. The customer, using the items in a trade show application, presented LM with the tablets in heavy duty rubberized cases with neck straps. 

LM created simple “finger” slots to hold each tablet to ensure easy removal/loading while providing maximum protection. The finger design allows users to simply grab the tablet from the center. Space between each tablet will store the neck straps. Due to the small nature of the chargers and battery packs, each item is stored in an individual compartment to maximum protection and visual confirmation.  An accessory compartment is provided for charging cables and any other peripheral associated with the system. 

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