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4RU Flying Truss Mounted Rigged Network Switch Rack

This case is designed to be a flying, suspended rack used with PA systems. The rack features a custom welded inner steel frame with 4U of rack height to hold a network switch and a system processor.

The rack is suspended with the front rail facing down allowing users to see status lights on the racked equipment front the ground. Normal 10/32” pre-tapped rack rails are provided for equipment mounting. Separate side mounted safety bars are included to block the equipment’s rack mount brackets. These safety bars provide an additional level of protection to ensure that should rack screws vibrate out, the equipment will not fall out of the rack. The back of the rack is covered with a ½” marine grade plastic panel to prevent dust and debris from accumulating in the rack. Cables exit through a rear mounted 2RU patch section. A 2RU brush panel is provided for simple connections. The rear rack rail allows the customer to employ a custom panel if desired.

The weight of the rack is suspended from rig points mounted to the inner shell. 4 D-Ring’s are provided as the main rig points. The exterior case is mounted to the inner shell and does not bear any weight. Traditional spring loaded handles are replaced with routed hand slots to ensure that the rack does not make any vibration noises during a performance.

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