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2013 Signature Amenities Case

The 2013 Signature Amenities Case is designed to be the ultimate mobile mini kitchen unit. We took the design of the 2012 model and updated a few key features, the hot dog maker was replaced with a small George Foreman grill allowing greater options for mobile food prep. We also added more texture coated surfaces and removed foam for easier clean up. 

The case features a 4.4 cu. ft refrigerator, a 1.1 cu. ft microwave, Keurig, Bose Sound Dock and George Foreman Grill. All appliances are wired together to a central power distribution unit that is connected to a 30ft retratable cable reel. The retractable cable reel allows you to simply use a single plug and not have to worry about packing an extension cord. 

The exterior case is built out of 3/8" plywood and features 4" Colson casters, table legs in the rear lid and deep recessed handles. 

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