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Sideline Drawer Trunk

This trunk is designed to be portable work station that sits on the sideline during games. The trunk features a black Formica work surface which is great for repairing equipment like helmets and shoulder pads. Above the work surface are 6 Tilt Lock bins mounted in the case lid that hold small parts like screws, chin straps and washers. Mounted below the work surface are 3 heavy duty drawers mounted on Accuride drawer glides. All drawers feature our black texture coating, the top two drawers are empty; the bottom drawer features a removable plastic bin that can be outfitted with a 120 capacity tape caddy.

The trunk is designed with bus pack in mind, it can be laid on its back and slid into a bus bay. To make this easier, the trunk feature white UHMW plastic runners on its back and handles mounted in its wheel pad. The trunk features table legs in its lid, deep recessed handles and 8" field casters (2 Locking & 2 Non locking).

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Mini Core Trunks 2013 Signature Amenities Case