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Mario & Luigi Travel In Style!

Its easy to love your job when you get to deal with great people and fun products. Recently, Nintendo of America came to LM Cases with a unique problem: "how do we transport our Mario & Luigi costumes to trade shows with out damaging them".

The challenge of this project was the weight & size of the cases. Nintendo needed the ability to ship the cases in a variety of different methods including truck freight & commercial airline. The multiple shipping scenarios proved to be a challenge because most LTL freight companies will not ship cases with casters, and airlines will not ship cases that are oversized or too heavy. Our solution was to employ our proprietary composite panels to reduce the weight of the case, as well as increase its impact resistance. To solve the caster problem, we used traditional casters on one end of the case; and employed Skid Mate shipping feet on the bottom of the case. When Nintendo needed to ship the case, all they had to do was lay the case on its back and...viola..the case could travel standard freight!

This case also features recessed vent dishes to allow air flow to the costume, as well as a 1/4" aluminum skirting around the entire case to prevent forklift damage.

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