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Portable Floor Standing Hand Sanitizer Transport Case

As each year visits LM Cases, we are always surprised at the new and interesting things that our customers want to take on the road! Our latest challenge was to create several road cases that would be used to transport hand sanitizer dispensing stations to trade shows that Smart Technologies presented at.

The goal was to create simple strong road cases that would house 2 sanitizer units and their re-fill bottles. Our design employes a 1/2" plywood ATA road case that features a 1/4" aluminum forklift guard around the bottom of the case and heavy duty 4" x 2" casters. The dispensing units are housed in separate foam line compartments that feature HDPE white plastic on the bottom for easy loading and unloading of the units. The re-fill bottles are stored in the lid, which is designed to fit 6 bottles.

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