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Nintendo Wii & Rock Band Case

This case was designed and integrated by our in house systems department. The unit features a 32" LCD monitor, Sony sound system w/subwoofer, Nintendo Wii, Pork Pie drum throne, Rockband drum set, and 2 Rockband guitars.

The interior of the case features custom CNC cut foam inserts to fit all of the components necessary to operate the game including: pair of drumsticks, USB microphone, 4 Wii controllers, 4 Wii Joystick controllers, and drum set bass drum pedal. The game controllers are stored in a drawer with a custom cut insert to give the user a visual inventory check; when a hole is empty - a component is missing. The USB microphone is kept in its own custom compartment with custom insert and lid. Drumsticks are held behind the microphone storage box in the upright position to allow an easy visual as to where they are located. The bass drum pedal is housed in a PE foam insert attached to the wall of the case allowing it to sit in the un-used space between the pads and feet of the drum set.

The rear of the case holds the 2 guitars and drum throne. Each guitar is held by its headstock via a custom Crosslink foam hanger. The drum throne is mounted using a custom made bracket holding it by the clap that mounts the seat to its tripod. The throne's tripod is stored in the bottom of the compartment and velcroed in place to prevent it from moving during travel.

The exterior case is built out of 3/8" plywood and features locking 4" Colson Casters.

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