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Custom Doerr Acoustic Guitar Flight Case

This case was designed to hold a custom one of a kind Doerr guitar in its factory case. Our customer needed a safe way to ship his acoustic guitar via ground freight or tour bus to venues. The case within a case design allows the guitar to be shipped to a hotel in its outer flight case, once at the hotel the flight case can be left in the room and the factory molded case can be utilized for around town use. This concept also works for tour busses, the larger flight case can be stored below in the storage bay and the factory case can be used in the passenger area.

The case is built out of our proprietary 1/4" composite panels allowing it to be light enough to be carried like a typical guitar case, yet strong enough to be shipped via ground carrier. The outer case feature 3 recessed handles and inboard dolly casters for portability.

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