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Apple Portable Computing Work Station

This case was designed for Apple as a portable computing work station. The case features a hinged top lid supported by gas springs. A main work surface with a custom IO panel is provided for laptops. A 16RU rack section with a pocket door and rear access door is provided for equipment storage. 

The top lid is designed to have a monitor mounted in the center. A Chief FTR1U mount is provided for the monitor. Gas springs are supplied to assist in the lid opening and closing. The gas springs also keep the lid firmly open during use to prevent accidental closure. The main work surface is laminated with black Formica allowing for a smooth surface for writing. A custom IO panel was created to provide AC power, USB, and Thunderbolt connectivity to the work surface. Additional information on the panel can be obtained by clicking HERE. Our D1 power distribution unit was used as the main power distribution for the case. Power is brought into the case via the front Powercon connector. The rear mounted Powercon output connector is used to provide a locking power connection to the work surface IO panel. The D1 unit allows an additional 7 rear mounted power outlets for use in the rack bay. The D1 also provides 2 courtesy front mounted outlets on their own dedicated 5-amp breaker on the front. The D1’s rack ears are reversible allowing the unit’s front or rear panel to be mounted facing the user. 

The main rack section features 16RU of rack height. The rack is built around our adjustable modular rack frame. The front rails can be mounted in 6 fixed positions allowing the user to set the recess needed per application. The frame also includes mid and rear mounted rails mounted in adjustable slide tracks. The slide tracks allow mid and rear rails to move up to equipment requiring rear mount brackets. The front and rear rails use standard pre-tapped 10/32” holes. The mid rail is a dual flange server style rail. It uses square holes designed for cage nuts. This rail has mounting positions on the sides and the front. The square holes are a perfect size to accommodate most cable ties, the dual flanges create a race way for cables. The rack’s front door is mounted on pocket door glides. Users can easily open the door and slide it into the side of the case during use. The rear door is removable, and features a custom press fit expanded metal vent for airflow. The rear door is designed to remain closed during use. 

The case exterior is built out of ½” plywood and laminated with black ABS plastic. 4 recessed D-Ring shackles are supplied to secure the case during transport, or act as tie points allowing users to clip additional equipment to the case. The case features 4” x 2” HD Colson casters, with the front 2 casters locking. 

The case exterior dimensions are 24” x 30” for truck pack. 

Special thanks to Apple! 

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