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6RU Flyable Network Switch Rack For Dusty/Industrial Environments

This rack is designed to provide isolated dust proof storage of networking equipment in installed dusty and industrial applications. The rack can be flown or floor mounted. The case is designed to pull cool air through the bottom and exhaust hot air through the case sides. At max flow rate, the air in the rack will be replaced 90 times per min. 

The case features a 6RU rack section with 14” of rack depth. The total shell depth is 20” with 3” rail recess of the the front and rear rail. Below the main rack section is a 2RU patch section allowing power and external connections to be inputted to the rack via a rack mount panel. The patch section feeds cables up into the main rack section through a brush panel as an additional filter to keep exterior dust out. 4 HD fans exhaust hot air from the rack section during use. Each fan is monitored by a rack mounted controller. The controller monitors the temperature via probes that the end user can mount close to their equipment’s hottest areas. The case is designed to be flown. 2 custom steel panels are mounted to the case top allowing industry standard Omega clamp brackets to be attached. The end user can attach any mounting hardware they wish. Common types will be standard eye bolts. 2 spring loaded D-Ring shackles are included as a redundant safety attachment points. 

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