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2RU Half Rack Width Thunderbolt & USB Desktop IO Panel

This panel is designed to provide USB A, C, Thunderbolt and AC power connections for work surfaces in a half rack format. The panel includes 2 – panel mounted USB 3.0 A-A jacks with 6ft tails and 2 – panel mounted USB C A-A jacks with 3ft tails. A 6ft Thunderbolt cable (USB C Ends) is mounted through a strain relief compression fitting. The compression fitting allows the cable to be fed in and out of the panel without damaging the fragile cable. A duplex outlet with 2 USB A jacks is provided for courtesy power. The duplex outlet is fully enclosed with a back box. A 6ft HD power cable with a standard Edison plug is provided to provide power to the panel. The panel is 3.5” (2RU) tall, 10.5” wide, and requires 7” of depth to accommodate the cable bundle. 

The panel is built out of .125” thick brushed aluminum. The panel is black anodized with white laser etched labels. 

**The USB C jacks can not be used with the Thunderbolt protocol. Normal USB and charging functionality work as normal. Connections requiring the full Thunderbolt protocol must use the Thunderbolt cable. A disclaimer is etched into the panel alerting users.**

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