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Portable Dual Outdoor Rated 55” Monitor Sideline Case

This case was built for Little Rock Parkview High School and is designed to hold 2 – 55” outdoor grade monitors mounted on a heavy duty electric lift. The system components were specified and installed by the LM Cases Custom Integration Department. 

The specified monitors are 55” outdoor grade monitors mounted to the front and rear of a HD electric lift. Outdoor grade monitors were specified for their brightness and durability. These monitors differ from standard consumer grade monitors in several areas:

Brightness: Outdoor monitors are designed to be used and seen in bright environments, they feature a much brighter screen versus a standard monitor. 

Build Quality: The monitor chassis is built out of powder coated aluminum vs the standard thin black plastic that consumer grade monitors are built from. The screen is built from tempered glass vs the thin plastic used in consumer grade monitors which is prone to cracking. 

Cooling: The monitor is designed to be used outdoors in higher temperature environments. Consumer monitors have an operating range rated for indoor use only. 

Water resistance: The monitor’s chassis is sealed to prevent water from damaging the internal electronics. There is a hinged access panel that features a neoprene gasket that allows power and signal cables to remain connected and sealed. The TV’s remote is also designed to be handled with wet hands. 

The lift is built in the USA by Nexus 21, and features push button controls in addition to a wireless remote for operation. Signal is split via a HDMI matrix allowing 4 independent video input sources to be provided to the to the monitors. The monitors can operate together or independently. The matrix allows any input signal to be shown on any monitor with a very simple to use interface. The monitors can also display the exact same source if desired. 

2 removable shelves are provided for users to hold a laptop or media player. Each shelf is built from ¾” Baltic birch and finished with a black Formica work surface. The shelves feature a HDMI jack and duplex power outlet with 2 USB charging ports. Although these shelves are designed to be used on the right and left sides of the case, they can be used all around the case perimeter. 

The HDMI matrix receives its signal from 2 mounted HDMI jacks, or 2 HDMI jacks in the bottom 2U IO panel. 2 Neutrik RJ45 jacks are provided should a user require HDMI over Ethernet for longer cable runs. A RJ45 jack is provided for Ethernet should the user require hard wired network to each monitor. A courtesy duplex outlet is also provided on the IO panel. Power to the system is handled by a 30ft retractable cable reel allowing the case to operate without the need for a separate power cable.

The case exterior is built from ½” plywood laminated with black ABS plastic. 8” outdoor casters are provided for ease of transport. A custom 2 color Air Jordan silkscreen was applied.

Special thanks to Brad and the Parkview team!

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For a project overview video, CLICK HERE.

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