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Custom Tour Truck Pack Trunk For The Backstreet Boys

This case was built for the Backstreet Boys for their 2019 tour. The case is designed to integrate in a 96” truck pack with exterior width and depth dimensions of 48” x 24”. These dimensions allow the trunk to pack in configurations of two, or four across depending on how the case is orientated. The trunk is built out of ½” plywood laminated with black ABS plastic. The interior is finished with black texture coating for durability and easy cleaning. The trunk features a full width ¾” plywood caster board with HD Colson 4” x 2” casters. The trunk features 4 Penn deep recessed handles, stacking caster wells in the lid, and recessed rear mounted lid stays. 

The case features 3 silkscreen prints of the Backstreet Boys logo, and large CNC cut ID stencils notating the trunk number. 

To order our standard cable trunk with out the custom logos from our online store, CLICK HERE.

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