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Custom Workbox w/Clear Drawers & LED Backlighting

This custom workbox was built for Imagination America. The custom 14 drawer workbox features stunning clear Lexan drawers with LED back lighting. 

Each drawer is built from a combination of ½” white marine grade plastic and ½” clear Lexan plastic. The drawer’s sides are built from white marine grade plastic with the drawer face and back being built from clear Lexan. Each drawer is mounted on HD Accuride glides and features a modern stainless steel pull handle. The drawers are built into a ½” white marine grade plastic inner shell which separates them from the exterior case. The left drawer unit features an accessory compartment with a removable white marine grade plastic panel. The right drawer unit features a 4U rack section for the case’s power distribution unit with 2U available for future expansion. 

The LM Cases Custom Integration department handled the installation of the color changing LED lights and power elements of the system. Power is brought into the case via a DSK-I power inlet box. This enclosed box features a True1 inlet and dual True1 outlets. A 25ft True1-AC power cable is provided to mate with the DSK-I inlet box. 

A custom built 2U power distribution box is provided to enclose the LED lighting power supply and provide courtesy power to users. The distro features 4 USB A charging ports, 4 USB C charging ports 4 standard AC outlets and a Powercon outlet to mate with a Powercon – 4 Plex courtesy power cable. The LED lighting can quickly be powered on/off by a high visibility white illuminated switch. The IR eye, logic board and power supply for the LED lighting is also enclosed within the power distro. 

A LM Tour Systems DSK-T power outlet box is provided on the left portion of the case. This True1 outlet box is a HD locking power output to interface with the provided True1-4 Plex power cable. A True1 male/female link cable is also provided allowing multiple cases to be daisy chained. 

The case exterior is built from ½” plywood laminated with black ABS plastic. The case rides on 8 – 4” x 2” Colson HD casters. The casters are mounted on ¾” plywood caster board to distribute the case weight. 14 deep recessed handles are provided. 

Special thanks to Imagination America for a great project! 


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