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75 Capacity iPad ATA Case

This case was designed to hold 75 Apple iPads. There are 3 shelves that hold 25 iPads per shelf in custom Crosslink foam inserts. The Crosslink foam is a Class-A surface that will not scratch or leave abrasive marks on the glass or aluminum surface of the iPad. Each piece of the Crosslink foam insert was cut on our CNC fast wire saw, this allowed each compartment top and bottom foam piece to remain one solid unit to create a stronger and more durable foam insert. Below the iPad shelves, is an accessory compartment to hold the unit's power supplies.

The case features front and rear removable locking lids, there is also a vented divider on the back of the iPad compartment allowing the iPads to remain locked with the front lid on and still remain cool while charging.

The exterior case is built out of 3/8" plywood laminated with dark blue ABS, the case also features 3.5" casters and key lockable latches.

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