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20 Capacity Portable iPad Sync/Charge Cart

This case was built for Holy Family Elementary school. The case is used as lockable storage for 20 iPads allowing the school to wheel the case from their IT room to individual classrooms. The LM Cases Custom Integration department designed the case to be extremely simple to use and portable for all users ranging from IT techs to children.

The iPads are stored in 20 individual compartments designed around the largest aftermarket iPad cases, this flexible feature allows iPads of different generations with different aftermarket cases to be used. Each compartment features an individual USB 3.0 jack which routes directly to the internally mounted sync/charge unit. Custom cable assemblies with 5 Apple USB-Lightning cables per assembly were created to keep cord clutter to a minimum. The iPad storage section is accessible through a lockable pocket style door. The door is mounted on custom hinges which allows the door to open and slide into the side of the case in a simple two step motion. 

The case top features an independently lockable storage section which is designed to be a work surface and a section to store a laptop during syncing. The top work surface features a custom panel that holds a duplex power outlet and a USB-B port for syncing and charging a laptop. 

Power to the case is handled by a retractable 30ft extension cord, which eliminates the need to carry a extension cord when using the case. The power is then filtered through a voltage regulator ensuring that the iPads receive steady 120v power. The voltage regulator will correct voltages ranging from 80v to 140v. Also included are 2 fans allowing the case to charge the iPads while being closed and locked. 

The case itself is built out of 1/2" plywood laminated with forest green ABS plastic to match the school's color. The case rides on 4" Colson casters, 2 casters swivel 360 degrees; 2 are fixed allowing for easier maneuvering. The case also features a large stainless steel push bar to aid in transport. 

The case also includes 20 USB-30 Pin Apple cables allowing older models to be used, and a 6ft USB-A - USB-B sync cable. 

Special thanks to Holy Family School! 

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