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Boeing Monitor Stand Transport Case

This case was designed for Boeing as a portable container to transport a monitor array stand to trade shows. The custom stand that the case transports holds 6 monitors in an array to provide video content for flight simulators. The case is design to be a very simple design allowing the stand cart to be rolled into position, and locked into place. 

The monitor stand is shaped like an upside down "T". This unique shape grew the case to accommodate the stand base. LM solved the problem of containg the stand by building accessory compartments attached to the case walls. This concept held the stand in place, and provided additional storage capabilities to the case. Each accessory compartment features a door with slam latches for easy access. Once rolled into position, the stand is held in place by an arm that simply swings down.  For easy loading, the case features a 1/4" aluminum ramp that allows the array stand to be rolled into the case. The ramp is curbed to prevent the stand from rolling off during loading/unloading. The ramp is attached to a 1/4" floor plate that covers the entire bottom floor of the case. For additional support, the ramp also features 2 wedge support blocks that lock into place to add stability. 

The exterior case is built out of 1/2" plywood laminated with dark blue fiberglass. All seams and joints are sealed with caulking, and the tongue and groove is a continuous piece fitted with a neoprene gasket to prevent water from entering the case if it is stored outside during a show. The hinged front lid of the case features steel interlocking tubes to provide additional support in mating the lid to the case body. This feature was added to prevent damage if a forklift driver picked the case up from under the front lid to drag it. The case rides on custom steel feet that feature support gussets and are finished with black texture coating. These steel feet are sized to fit a pallet jack, and aid in the wheeled/mechanized transport of the case. The case also features LM's custom 1/4" forklift guard. This aluminum extrusion is designed around our aluminum corner stock and provides a flush mounted push plate to prevent forks from penetrating the case wall. 

Special thanks to Boeing for a great project! 

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