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Utah State Sideline Workbox

This trunk was made for Utah State Athletics for use on their sidelines during games, the trunk is designed to hold tools and parts for repairs between plays. The trunk is designed with fast set up and tear down in mind: the top lid is hinged allowing it to simply flip open, while the front lid is a single panel that magnetically stores on the back of the trunk. 

The trunk lid features 3 Tilt Lock bin units for a total of 18 small parts storage compartments. The lid also stores a Rigid cordless drill and its battery charger, the drill is in a custom compartment while the charger is mounted directly to the lid. The main work surface is laminated with black Formica and features a 6 outlet power strip recessed into the work surface. The power strip input power is wired directly into a fully enclosed power box allowing any standard AC extension cord to be used to power the trunk. The trunk's 6 drawers are built into a fully isolated 1/2" plywood shell that allows them to be independent from the exterior case, this allows the trunk's exterior to absorb any shock or impact and not transfer it to the drawer glides. 

The lid covering the drawers is designed to store on the back of the trunk during a game via magnets. This allows for extremely fast set up and tear down since users do not need to store lids of any kind. The trunk exterior is built out of 1/2" plywood laminated with navy blue ABS plastic. The trunk exterior also features a U State silkscreen and a stencil stating who donated funds for the trunk purchase. The trunk rides on 8" field casters and features deep recessed hardware. 

Special thanks to Utah State!  

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St. Helena Sideline Workbox Chroma Q Color Force 72 Case