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St. Helena Sideline Workbox

This trunk was designed for St. Helena high school for use on their sideline during games. The trunk's top lid features 2 storage compartments and Tilt Lock bins; each Tilt Lock bin has 3 individual compartments for a total of 18 compartments perfect for small parts. The main work surface of the trunk lifts up to reveal 4 compartments for additional storage. Below the main work surface are 2 drawers, the top drawer is divided into 6 compartments, while the bottom drawer is divided into 3 large compartments perfect for back up helmets and other bulky items. 

The trunk interior is finished with black texture coating allowing all surfaces to be easily cleaned. The main work surface board is made out of marine grade plastic which reduces scratching and gouging for maximum durability. Each drawer is built out of 1/2" Baltic Birch plywood, finished with black texture coating and mounted on HD Accuride glides. The drawers are mounted into a 1/2" plywood inner shell that isolates them from the exterior trunk, this allows the drawers to be independent from the outer trunk so that stress from moving the trunk is not directly applied to the drawer glides. 

The trunk exterior is built out of 3/8" plywood laminated with red ABS plastic and features a 2 color silkscreen of the St. Helena logo. The trunk features UHMW plastic runners mounted on its back to allow it to be tipped and loaded into a bus storage bay. The UHMW runners allow the fully loaded trunk to be slid into a bus bay with out damaging the trunk exterior. The UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight) plastic has a low coefficient of friction which allows the trunk to slide easily. The trunk exterior also features 2 pad-lockable latches and 8" field casters.

Special thanks to St. Helena High School! 

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