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Portable Video Fly-Pack Case

This case was designed to be a portable pre-wired video fly pack. The case features dual 24" Dell Ultrasharp monitors, dual 4 space shock mounted racks, a stationary work surface, a retractable switcher work surface, and dual 9 space shock mounted racks below the switcher.

The monitors were provided and installed by the LM Cases Custom Integration department. The monitors are mounted on tilting Chief FTRV mounts allowing them to be angled to best accommodate the users viewing position. The cabling was organized into a single braided umbilical cable that neatly routes from the lid to the bottom rack section, this allows the lid to open and close with out the cables getting in the way. Monitor 1's HDMI input cable along with a single power cable powering both monitors is routed to the 9 space rack section, monitor 2's HDMI is routed to an auxiliary input jack located in the stationary work surface allowing feeds from outside sources to be previewed. All connections are heat shrunk to avoid de-coupling on the road. The lid holding the monitors is held in the upright position by 2 gas springs which also assist in opening the lid.

The exterior case is built out of 1/2" plywood laminated with medium blue ABS plastic. The dual shock mounted 4 space rack section is 14" deep and features front and rear rack rail. In front of the 4 space racks is a stationary work surface laminated with black Formica. The switcher is mounted on a retractable shelf made out of 13ply baltic birch that is treated with black texture coating. Below the switcher shelf is the double 9 space shock mounted rack section that features front and rear rail with a 30.875" shell depth. The case rides on 4" Colson casters and features table legs mounted in the front lid.

Max OD Dims Including Corners & Casters: 52.875"wide x 41.125"deep x 51.625" tall

Weight: 400lbs

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