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Deluxe Laundry Trunk

The Deluxe Laundry trunk is designed to be the ultimate road worthy travel solution for your players dirty laundry. The trunk is constructed out of 1/2" marine grade plastic and is designed to be hosed out after messy games. The trunk is split into 2 sides; each with a hanging clothes section, dirty laundry trap door and a slide out drawer. Each hanging clothes section is designed to be loaded with clean clothes on hangers, once the coaches are dressed the case can be closed. The trap doors that access each hanging clothes section are designed to act as  hamper doors allowing coaches to simply walk by and toss their dirty laundry in; the dirty clothes are held in by 3/8" clear Lexan doors.

A drawer is mounted under each hanging clothes section. These drawers are made out of 1/2" marine grade plastic and mounted on stainless steel Accuride drawer glides to prevent corrosion when the case is cleaned. The left drawer is split in half, the right drawer is split into quarters which create perfect storage compartments for hats, socks and under garments.

The exterior case features 4" Colson casters (4 locking + 4 non), deep recessed handles, a padlocking hasp latch, and 16 recessed vents. All materials used in the case construction are waterproof and will resist corrosion.

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