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Noise Isolating Portable Rack Case For NewTek Tricaster System

This rack was designed to hold NewTek Tricaster components in an installed application. Noisy equipment is installed in the rack to allow it to remain close to the user in a quiet production environment. 

The case features a foam isolated 8U inner rack shell. The shell is fully enclosed using 3/8” clear Lexan doors mounted on the front and rear. Each door features HD Southco slam latches. The rack shell is 30” deep with front & rear rails recessed 3.5” ea. Decorative front and rear fascia pieces are included to hide internal mechanical components. 

Cool air is brought into the system through filter foam via 4 ultra-quiet fans mounted on the bottom of the case. Hot air is passively exhausted through the top of the case. The exhaust outlets are fitted with custom pressed expanded metal vents.  Each fan runs at 18 dBA and replaces the internal rack air 17 time per minute. The fans include an external 1U controller that is programmable and includes a temperature probe. Power is brought into the system via a LM Tour Systems 1U C13 IEC inlet panel and includes a 15ft locking IEC – AC power cable

We use a standardized method of noise reduction for our systems. For a detailed report showing the reduction at specific frequencies CLICK HERE.  

8U Noise Isolating Rugged Portable Server Rack Portable Touring Washing Machine Case For The Backstreet Boys