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Portable Touring Washing Machine Case For The Backstreet Boys

This case was designed for the Backstreet Boys wardrobe department. The custom case features an integrated washing machine complete with water inlet valves, drain hoses and storage drawers. 

The case is built around a Speed Queen TR7 washing machine. The unit sits in a custom foam lined compartment. The machine is supported by a 4lb PE foam bottom complete with a ¼” aluminum top plate to act as a load spreader. The 2 front feet are exposed while the back 2 feet are accessible via a trap door for leveling the unit once on a show site. 

Water is brought into the case via 2 quarter turn inlet valves that feature quick connects. A drip basin complete with a drain is included to keep any residual water from contaminating the case during transport. Portable water supply hoses are included to interface between the quick connect valves and standard “garden hose” style spigot. Drainage is handled by an outflow line beneath the case. A flexible drainage hose is provided with the system allowing it to be operated in a variety of applications. The case can also be positioned over a floor drain and used without the hose. 2 HD drawers are provided to store the hoses and additional supplied during transport. Each drawer is built from ½” marine grade plastic and is mounted on stainless steel Accuride drawer glides to prevent rust and corrosion. 

A 5U rack section is provided below the drawers to hold a custom-built power supply. The supply was built by the LM Cases Custom Integration department allowing the system to be used in 120v or 220v countries. The custom power distribution unit features Walther CEE and Hubbell 5278C inlets for the 220v and 120v power sources. A frequency converter is built into the system to handle the 60Hz – 50Hz conversion. 

The exterior case is built from ½” composite material laminated with black ABS plastic. The composite material is water resistant. All interior dividers and supports are built from ½” marine grade plastic. To further prevent water damage the “caster board” is built from ¼” aluminum plate. The case features deep recessed hardware and rides on locking 4” x 2” Colson casters. 

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