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3000w Rack Mounted US To EU Power Converter Box

This power conversion box is designed to be a main power input for touring systems that travel between the US and EU. The box is split into two independent sides: 

Side A features a Walther CEE inlet wired to a 3000w step down transformer. The heavy duty continuous use transformer is designed to convert single phase EU 220/240 volt 50Hz input power down to 110/120v 60Hz US power. A 15-amp hydraulic breaker is wired in line with the front CEE inlet. Side A’s rear output is a standard US Edison duplex outlet. 

Side B features a Hubbell power inlet with a 15-amp hydraulic breaker wired in line. The inlet is wired directly to a rear mounted US Edison duplex outlet. 

The chassis is 5RU tall with a maximum depth of 12.125” and a weight of 48lbs. The chassis is built out of .125” thick brushed black anodized aluminum and features white laser etched labels. 

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