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Mallinckrodt DSir Medical Device Transport Case

This case was built for Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals to hold their DSir MRI unit. The case design allows the device to simply be rolled into the case and locked into place without the need for additional packaging materials. The case was designed to exceed the ISTA 1B shipping certification. The case was tested by an independent testing facility to ensure that the build methods would exceed this packaging standard and protect the DSir against any shipping scenario.  

The unit is held in a custom cradle built out of ½” marine grade plastic. This cradle contours the shape of the unit. Closed cell crosslink foam is used in all instances where the unit touches the cradle. The closed cell foam is non abrasive and non marring, this protects the delicate plastic upright panels on the unit. The closed cell foam is also able to be cleaned if needed. The DSir is supported by a custom contoured foam block that takes the unit off its wheels. The foam block was cut on our fast wire saw to create the rounded profiles. 1/8” white HDPE plastic was heated and bent around the foam to create a durable top surface that the unit rides on. A trough was cut in the center of the foam block to accommodate the DSir’s hanging grounding chain. The cradle features custom lockable gates allowing the unit to be held in place without the need for straps or additional packaging. The gates feature handles to help the user operate the gates easily. 

The DSir is loaded into the case via a custom 1/4” aluminum ramp. The ramp features curbed sides and a matching floor plate in the case. Abrasive grip coating was applied to the center of the ramp to make loading and unloading easy. The ramp is held in place with a spring loaded latch that simply snaps into place when the ramp is closed.

The exterior case is built out of ½” plywood laminated with forest green ABS laminate. The exterior features 2 dual layer yellow/black shipping silkscreen logos on either side of a custom fabricated shipping plate. The shipping plate is made out of 1/8” thick aluminum with the Mallinckrodt logo applied. The case bottom is skirted with ¼” aluminum forklift guard. The case rides on 4” x 2” HD Colson casters mounted on a full ¾” caster pad. 

Special thanks to Mallinckrodt! 

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