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Black Magic ATEM / iMac Production Flypack

This case was built for Plum Precision as a portable video fly pack production case. The system is based around two 21” iMac computers and a Black Magic ATEM production studio. The case features a large sliding work surface allowing users to sit comfortably during shows. The work surface is ergonomically mounted to provide a standard working desk height. Built out of ¾” Baltic Birch plywood finished with black texture coating, the work surface features a remote cable locking latch system that allows the surface to be extended and locked into 25 positions. 

Connectivity is provided to the iMac’s and the rack section via IO panels mounted at the left, right and center. The left and right IO panels are designed to provide quick connections to their corresponding left/right iMac. Thunderbolt docks are located under each iMac IO panel. These docks allow an Ethernet input, an additional monitor output and 3 USB 3.0 connections to be sent to the corresponding iMac via a singular tethered Thunderbolt cable. Summing the connections through Thunderbolt allow for the computer to be connected with two cables: Thunderbolt for signal, and the computer’s power cable. One of the USB connections is routed to the panel below the computer, the other two USBs are routed to the center panel. Ethernet is sent via a home run from the dock to the rack section where it terminated at a switch. The local panel’s Ethernet is also sent via a home run back to the switch. The mini Displayport output from the dock is sent back to the rack section. Power for the computer is provided by a single Edison outlet in the panel. The center panel provides USB connections for the left and right iMac, USB connections for 2 Mac Mini’s mounted in the rack, and 3 video sources for the ATEM. The iMac mounts were custom fabricated to provide an up/down, left/right, front/back, swivel and tilt for each iMac. The mounts arms stay attached to each iMac during storage without the need to remove the VESA screws. The mount assembly is tightened with a tech lock style handle, placing your thumb on the handle and pulling it away from the mount disengages the tension and allows adjustment and or removal. The iMacs are stored in custom CNC cut foam compartments that contour the shape of their chassis. The mounts are supported on the side of each compartment so the weight of the mount does not transfer to the VESA mount screws during transport. The center 32” monitor is stored in a custom compartment mounted in the top lid. 

The sliding work surface also features a 1RU section for the user to mount a ClearComm base station. This section features a custom 8ch audio snake built out of Canare Starquad cable and custom labeled to correspond with the ins and outs of the base station. The snake is fed into the main work station umbilical cord and terminates in the rack. The 6RU rack section features a rear trap door and a custom side mounted IO panel that provides 6 SDI outputs, 4 SDI inputs, the main network connection port and the main system power input. Power is wired to a duplex outlet mounted in a rear mounted box on the panel.  

The bottom section of the case features 4 drawers. Each drawer is built out of ½” Baltic Birch plywood, finished with black texture coating and mounted on HD Accuride glides. The exterior case is built out of ½” plywood laminated with black ABS plastic and features deep recessed hardware, a custom silkscreen of the Plum Precision logo, and 4” x 2” Colson casters. 


CLICK HERE to see an overview video on this case.  

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