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Helmet/Shoulder Pad Sideline Trunk

This trunk is designed to hold back up equipment on the sideline, it holds 10 helmets and 4 pairs of shoulder pads. All inner surfaces are black texture coated allowing the trunk to be easily wiped out. The helmet compartment features a divider network built out of 1/2" plastic and a 3/8" Lexan door. Below the shoulder pad compartment are two drawers mounted on HD Accuride gildes. Each drawer features a 3/8" Lexan rain guard and 3 divided compartments. 

The exterior case is built out of 1/2" plywood and features deep recessed handles, vent dishes and 8" field casters. 


For a Quick View video showcasing the features of this trunk, CLICK HERE. 

Waterproof Sideline Trunk Deluxe Tub Trunk