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Electric TV Lift Case For Backstage/Dressing Room/Stage Wings

The portable media center with rack section is designed to be a customizable entertainment center with green rooms, stage wings and portable offices in mind. The base case comes with a Sony 55” monitor mounted on an electric lift. A studio grade sound system including 2 full range monitors with 8” woofers and 2 – 10” subwoofers are provided. A central 16U rack section is provided allowing users to add control processors and or drawers as needed. 

The system is controlled by the Sony TV with all inputs terminated at our centrally located 2U Mobile Entertainment Center control panel. Using the TV as the central video switcher and volume controller allows non-technical users to operate the system easily as it behaves as any normal home AV system would. The inputs within the TV GUI are labeled by LM’s Integration Department per the components installed into the case. Audio processing is handled by a DBX Zone Pro. This unit handles the time alignment and equalization of the audio system.   Electrical power is managed by a Furman M8s power sequencer which allows components to be powered up/down in a specific order to prevent “popping” the speakers. The sequence is activated via the large green 30mm Siemens push button located on the main control panel. 

In this system built for Showtime sound, a second 2U custom built panel was employed to handle 2 SDI video inputs, 2 audio inputs, 2 audio outputs, an additional HDMI jack, 2 blank ports for future expansion and a Zone Pro ZC-1 controller. The ZC-1 controller is programmed to handle the input levels of the panel mounted XLR inputs. This case is designed to live in the wings of a stage during a performance. The XLR inputs on the panel allow a com feed to be routed to the system for any paging for performers waiting to go on stage. The ZC-1 controller allows quick volume adjustments for the com feed. The ZonePro is programmed to have the TV audio as the priority source, with the XLR panel as a secondary priority. When the processor detects a signal on the com input, it will automatically duck the TV audio so that the page can be heard. 

A standard LM Tour Systems True1 input panel was also used in this build to bring power into the case. A Neutrik NAC3PX-TOP inlet/outlet connector is used as the main input source, allowing a True1 outlet should another system need power. In addition to the True1 outlet, a standard duplex outlet is provided. 4 additional blank D-Series punches are included with the power panel for a total of 6 blank punches for future expansion. A 4U rack drawer is provided for additional storage. Custom cables including RCA-XLR adapters, 1/8” aux and a True1-Edison power cable were provided.

The exterior case is built from 3/8” plywood laminated with black ABS plastic. The case features a removable front lid and a hinged rear lid. The hinged rear portion allows quick access to the back of the rack, speakers and the TV. The TV compartment is separated via a vented panel built from ½” marine grade plastic. The front of the case features a custom fascia panel built from ½” marine grade plastic with custom pressed, expanded metal grills over the speakers and subs. 

Special thanks to Showtime Sound for another great project! 

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