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Custom Road Case For Gibson SG Guitar

This custom flight case is designed to fit a Gibson SG electric guitar. The case is constructed from our XL Series aluminum. This aluminum features tongue and groove built into the extruded shape for a very tight, and secure seal between the lid and the tray. The case interior is custom cut from Ester foam and contours the shape of the guitar body. Crucial stress points of the guitar are supported with additional foam blocks. All interior foam is wrapped with purple crushed velvet. A custom accessory compartment with a hinged door is provided for additional storage. 

This case combines the best of features of a heavy-duty flight case in a more light weight package. Utilizing the lightweight XL Series aluminum allows for a drastic weight savings versus traditional all plywood flight cases.  The case is designed with musicians who need to check their guitars on commercial flights in mind. The case is strong enough to survive baggage handlers, and light enough to be carried around town for your show! 


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