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Double Wide Pocket Door Craft Services Show Amenities Work Box

This double wide pocket door amenities case was built for Paradise Productions as a portable craft services system for show sites. The case is 48” x 30” to conform with standard truck packs. The 2 front doors slide into the sides of the case during use. The appliances within the case include a microwave, refrigerator, Keurig® beverage maker, Nespresso® espresso machine, laser printer, and enterprise grade router and access point for a mobile network and custom LED lighting.

The LM Cases Custom integration department handled the specification and installation of the components in the system. Input power is fed into the case by 2 independent 15-amp circuits via dual custom built True1 - Edison AC cables. Each cable is 25’ long and constructed from 12awg SJO cable. Power enters the system via a rack mounted dual True1 input box that features a 20-amp hydraulic breaker over each circuit and provides 2 duplex outlets per output bank. Power is split into 3 circuits: appliances, office equipment, and courtesy panels. An LM Tour Systems 52-278 meter panel provides an additional 20amp breaker per circuit in addition to a volt and amp meter. The 52-278 allows users to see in real time the available line voltage and amperage draw of the appliance in use. A label is provided on each appliance showing its maximum amperage draw. A Tripplite PDU with an isolation transformer is provided to prevent any line noise and or interference from the appliances from effecting the office equipment. A 2RU courtesy power distribution module is provided for users. The courtesy unit features 8 AC outlets, 8 USB A charging ports, and 2 Powercon outlets for future expansion. A L21-30 3 phase break out cable is provided to access higher amperage show power should it be available. The cable splits the X, Y, and Z phases out into standard Edison outlets allowing the use of the included True1 power cables.  

Kitchen appliances include a stainless-steel microwave, and a sleek refrigerator with a glass door and internal blue LED lighting. The Keurig and Nespresso machines are mounted on a slide out shelf. Each of the machines are held via custom cut brackets that contour the shape of each unit. Non-moisture absorbing foam is used in the coffee compartment to prevent heat and water damage from the machines when they are stowed. A custom panel mounted at eye level holding 5 K-cups is provided for quick access. 

A HP laser printer/scanner is provided for onsite printing. The printer is mounted on a slide out shelf for easy access to all of its functions. Custom brackets are provided to hold the printer in place during use and transport. A custom wiring loom was built to allow smooth operation and prevent snagging when extending and retracting the printer shelf. The loom contains a USB, network cable and a locking IEC power cable. The network connection is wired to the system’s switch, with the USB being addressed at the courtesy panel. This allows users to access the printer via a wired connection or wirelessly via WiFi. 

Site network is based around an Ubiquiti Edge Router Pro. This router is capable of handling multiple WAN streams, allowing it to be the center piece of a portable site network. A Unifi access point is mounted to a 2U rear panel. An 8-port switch is provided, with 4 LAN ports addressed by colored jacks on the main courtesy panel. WAN is terminated at an Ethercon jack to accept heavy tactical data cables. The system’s network allows wireless printing via the access point even if no WAN is present as long as the user is connected to the cases WiFi.

Custom LED lighting is provided in each compartment, including each individual drawer. Red and warm white lights are mounted strategically to gently illuminate items during a show. Additional red lights are positioned by the coffee makers and printer to allow use of the appliances without users losing their night vision. All LED light power is run via individually labeled, shielded cable terminated at barrier strips. LED light power is provided by an LM Tour Systems LMAB power supply. This supply provides 12v DC light power via 2 switched 3 pin XLR jacks. The LMAB also provides a front mounted dual color 18” dimmable, flexible task light. 

3 drawers are provided for storage. Each drawer is built from ½” Baltic Birch, mounted on HD Accuride glides, and finished with black textured coating. Red and white LED light strips are mounted at the back of each drawer to provide illumination during events. LED power is provided to each drawer via rear mounted 4 pin XLR jacks allowing each drawer to be removed if necessary. 

The exterior case is built from ½” plywood laminated with black ABS plastic. The case exterior features a flip-up side table on the right side for additional storage during use. 6 – 4” x 2” Colson casters are provided for portability. The PPKC logo is applied via a silkscreen on all sides of the case.

Special thanks to Jack and the Paradise Productions team for a great project!!



Project Overview

LMAB 12v LED Power Supply

52-278 Meter Panel

Dual Circuit True1 Power Distribution Unit w/Hydraulic Breakers MA onPC Command Wing / Fader Wing Flight Case FOH Workstation