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Davidson College Athletic Trainers Workbox Trunk

 This trunk was built for Davidson College’s athletic training department as a large format storage trunk. The trunk features a retractable sunshade, hinged tape holders, custom drawers, and multiple storage bins. 

The hinged front lid features a retractable sunshade. This spring loaded; retractable unit features a custom silkscreen print of the Davidson “D” logo. The sunshade is supported by arms mounted to position control hinges. These arms allow the shade to be positioned at various angles along a 90-degree plane. 

The lid features 2 hinged tape holders. These custom plasma cut units feature 8 rods each. Each rod angles slightly up to ensure that tape rolls don’t slide off during use. 2 clear Lexan doors protect the tape and keep the arms in place during transport. 

The front lid also features 5 Tilt Lock bin sets for a total of 10 tiltable compartments designed for small parts storage. 4 custom storage compartments built from ½” marine grade plastic are also provided. These compartments feature hinged 3/8” clear Lexan face pieces with HD Southco slam latches. 

The trunk body features 8 custom drawers. The drawers are built into a ½” plywood shell that isolates them from the case exterior. The shell is separated from the case exterior by a ½” layer of PE foam. Each drawer is built from ½” Baltic Birch plywood, mounted on HD Accuride glides and finished with black textured coating.  All drawers are equipped with removable dividers built from ½” black marine grade plastic. The top 4 drawers are split into 4 sections, the middle 3 drawers are split into 6 sections, and the bottom drawer is split into 3 sections. 

The trunk exterior is built from 3/8” plywood laminated with charcoal ABS plastic. The exterior features custom silkscreen prints of the school’s logo. The trunk rides on 6” field casters. 


Special thanks to the Davidson College crew! 

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