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D3/2 3 Phase 30 Amp Rack Mount Power Distro

The LM Tour Systems 3/2 power distribution unit is designed with amplifier racks in mind. The 3-phase distribution unit provides a variety of outlets allowing for multiple uses for a variety of applications. Power is brought into the unit via a Hubbell 2815 flanged inlet using a NEMA L21-30 locking connector. A Hubbell HBL2816 flanged outlet is provided for looping in additional systems or for local courtesy power. 3 LED lights are located behind the flange on the inlet showing when power is present at the inlet.

3 hydraulic breakers are provided as master switches over the system. 2 – 20-amp breakers are provided over the Y and Z phases with a dedicated 30-amp breaker over the X phase which powers the rear mounted L5-30 outlet. The only outlet on the X phase is the Hubbell HBL2616 which is designed for large amplifiers or other 30-amp sources. 

The Y phase features 4 duplex outlets. The Z phase features 2 rear mounted duplex outlets, a True1 outlet and a front mounted courtesy outlet. The front mounted courtesy outlet features a USB A & C charge port and is protected by a dedicated 5-amp breaker.

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