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Large Format Stage Managers Desk w/Satellite Return Desk

This custom stage manager’s console case was designed for an installed application in a college theater. The workstation includes monitor mounts, custom LED lights, a tilting work surface, rack section, and a custom rack mounted power distribution system. 

The workstation is designed to surround the stage manager with an “L” shaped desk which are comprised of 2 separate sections that are jointed together. The main section features a black Formica laminated work surface with an angled 4U rack section. The angled rack section includes a LM Tour Systems LMAB light module which provides task lighting for the work surface in addition to powering the red and blue lights in the rack section. Blue and red LED lights were selected to provide options for inconspicuous illumination that wouldn’t interfere with the stage.  A custom built Socapex distribution module is also included in the system. This break out & switch panel set allows 6 outlets to be switched directly from the stage managers desk which is intended for controlling work lights around the theater. The set includes the LM Tour Systems 46-578 master control panel at the work surface and the LM Tour Systems 46-579 Socapex stage panel located in the bottom rack section. The 2 panels are connected via a Socapex cable and powered by a single Powercon

Below the main work surface is a storage drawer. This drawer is built from ½” Baltic Birch plywood, mounted on HD Accuride glides and finished with black textured coating. The 16U rack section features front & rear rails recessed 3” with 20” between the rails. A rear vented privacy door is included for the rack and is mounted on hidden flush hinges. 

The satellite portion of the workstation features a tilting work surface that can be operated along a 90-degree plane. This allows for a script or notes to quickly read while calling the show. The satellite workstation is joined to the main workstation by large grip knurled hand bolts. The satellite drawer features a custom foam insert to hold the bolts when not in use. Each section features a Ergotron monitor arm for customer supplied monitors. 

The workstation is built from ¾” Baltic Birch that is finished in black texture coating. Each section rides on 4” casters and features black hardware. 

For additional information on this build, please see this YouTube VIDEO.  

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