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Amplified Nation OverDrive Reverb Guitar Amp Case

This custom case was built for Lake Baum for his Amplified Nation Overdrive Reverb amplifier and 1x12 cabinet. The custom case lid configuration allows it to operate as a “live in” or a “pull over”. 

The case interior features foam blocks individually wrapped in purple crushed velvet. ¼” marine grade plastic runners are located on the lid sides allowing it to be removed easily without conflicting with the amplifier’s suede covering. The foam block in the bottom of the case features 4 routed holes for the cabinet’s feet to lock into. Because the case design is such that the head sits on top of the cabinet in the case, a custom dual layer ½” marine grade plastic buffer was created to provide separation between the amp and cabinet. The buffer is designed to precisely fit the cabinet’s handle on the bottom and provide recessed holes for the head’s feet. 

The 4-piece case designs allow it function as a “live in” style where only the front and rear lids are removed with the rig being mostly enclosed by the exterior case. This is helpful for cramped stages where items or drinks are set on top of the head. Since the head is wrapped in suede additional protection is needed from moisture. On larger stages or when the stack needs to be fully exposed, the front, rear and top lids can be removed to show the rig in its full glory. 

The case exterior is built from 3/8” plywood laminated with purple ABS plastic. Plastic runners are mounted on the front and rear lids to help it slide easily should it need to be transported on its back. The front, back and top lids are interchangeable so they can be used in any direction or orientation. The case rides on 3.5” all locking casters mounted via a ¾” plywood caster board. To help with portability, 2 additional handles are located in the caster board. 

Special thanks to Lake Baum for a great project! 

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