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Analog Way RS1 Video Processor Pocket Door Rack w/Custom LED Logo Lights

This case was built for Paradise Productions for their Analog Way RS1 video processing system. The case features a 10u rack section, 2 drawers, pocket doors and custom routed LED lights of the Paradise Productions logo. 

The 10u rack section features a rack depth of 27.5”. The rails are mounted on slide tracks to allow for adjustment for any rear mount kits, patch panels etc.… 

2 HD drawers are provided for the Analog Way RC400T controller, i/o connector cards and Decimator format converters. Each drawer is built from ½” Baltic Birch plywood, mounted on HD Accuride glides and finished with black textured coating. The drawer for the RC400T is custom foamed for the controller. The drawer holding the i/o cards and format converters feature custom foam inserts to hold each item in their own individual compartments. Anti-static pink foam was used to build the i/o card compartments. 

The most striking feature of the case are the custom LED lights. These lights were routed from 1” acrylic pieces. The panels are lit from the sides with RGB LED lights. Each panel features a 4-pin XLR cable that connects to a 1U custom power supply

The case exterior is built from ½” plywood laminated with dark blue ABS plastic. Pocket doors are mounted on the front and rear of the rack. The case features deep recessed hardware and rides on 4” x 2” HD Colson casters. 

Special thanks to Jack and the Paradise team! 

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