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Touring Production Managers Workstation

This mobile production managers workstation was built for Dan Mercer who is currently on tour with the Backstreet Boys. The workstation road case is designed to be an all in inclusive office for life on the road. 

The mobile office case is based around dual 27” Apple studio monitors equipped with VESA mounts. The monitors are attached to adjustable posts that allow the monitors to slide up and down. Access doors are provided at the rear left and right sections of the case to provide access to the area behind the monitors. A slide out work surface is provided as a desktop. This surface is designed to slide out to meet the user so that their legs can fit underneath like a traditional desk. The slide out is laminated with black Formica for a smooth writing surface. The slide out is also equipped with a custom IO panel. The IO panel features 4 AC outlets, 2 dedicated USB A charging ports, 2 dedicated USB C charging ports, 4 RJ45 jacks, 2 USB A 3.0 jacks and 2 Powercon outlets designed to accommodate the LM Tour Systems 4-plex courtesy AC blocks for additional outlets. The 3.0 USB and RJ45 jacks are wired to the lower rack section.

A 6U shock mounted rack is provided for additional equipment. A Tripplite RS1215 power strip is mounted on the front to provide an additional 6 courtesy outlets via the front rails, in addition to 6 outlets for the rack. The main system power is brought into the case via an inlet box mounted on the back of the case. Main power is wired directly to a UPS mounted on the rear rail of the rack. All power distribution within the case is post UPS allowing the user to operate the system if show power is not available.

A gigabit ethernet switch is provided to handle all the internal networking within the case. WAN signal is brought into the case via a locking Cat6 jack in the main power inlet box. A 25ft LM Tour Systems shielded Cat6 cable is provided to interface the inlet box to the venue’s network. The case broadcasts its own WiFi network via a Ubquiti access point. The case’s network is designed to allow access to the internal audio and lighting systems without access to WAN. 

The internal audio is handled by 2 Sonos Play 1 speakers. These speakers are mounted at the top right and left of the case. Each speaker features a hardwired network connection. 

Smart lighting is provided via a Phillips HUE system. Lights are positioned at various positions within the case allowing for various scenes to be created for work / show lighting. The lighting system is accessed via an app. A master power switch is mounted in a DSK-AC box to allow the lights to be quickly turned off or on. 2 access doors are mounted at the top right and left sides of the case to access all wiring and IT items. This space can also be used for additional storage. 

The case provides storage via several modalities. 4 drawers are provided for larger items. Each drawer is built from ½” Baltic Birch, mounted on HD Accuride glides and finished with black textured coating. 6 custom clear Lexan storage compartments are mounted on the right door of the case. Each compartment features 3 individual sections for small items. A HD Southco latch is provided on each door to ensure that the door remains closed during transport. The right door also features a separate bottom compartment for bottle storage. 

The left door features a white board with its own dedicated smart light. A storage compartment with shelves is located under the white board. This storage compartment features an opaque door outfitted with Southco slam latches. 

The exterior case is 50” wide x 30” deep and is built from ½” plywood laminated with black ABS plastic. The case features deep recessed hardware and rides on 4” x 2” Colson casters. 


For additional information on this case, check out our Project Spotlight Video. 

Special thanks to Dan and the BSB team!

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