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2012 Signature Video Lift Case - Locker Room Entertainment System

This case was designed to be the ultimate portable video case. The case is based around a 46" Sony 3D LED-LCD monitor mounted on a remote controlled adjustable lift. The lift allows the monitor to be raised high enough to be seen in a large room and still the case a manageable size. All of the monitors connections including HDMI, VGA, Component RBG, Coax, Cat5 and 1/8" audio in are accessible via a custom built patch panel on the front of the case. This allows users to easily integrate components like laptops, DVD players and or gaming systems with out the need to reach behind the monitor.

The monitor content can be completely provided by the internet. The case comes equipped with an Apple Airport Extreme which provides a WiFi hot spot as well as internet for the Apple TV and web ready TV. The front section of the case also includes 6 courtesy outlets and an iPod dock.

The case audio is handled by studio caliber KRK sound system which consists of 2 bi-amped high frequency speakers as well as a dedicated 10" subwoofer. All system inputs are labeled in the TV menus, the Apple TV is listed as "Apple TV" the iPod dock is listed as "iPod Dock" etc... This allows everything to be controlled by the TV's standard remote which makes the system very easy to operate even for the technical novice.

The exterior case is built out of 3/8" plywood and featured 6 deep recessed handles and 4" locking Colson casters. The case interior also features a storage drawer mounted on Accuride glides and a 30 ft retractable extension cord reel allowing the case to be integrated truly from the ground up!

2012 Signature Helmet Repair Case Core Trunk