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2012 Signature Helmet Repair Case

This case was debuted at the 2012 AFCA show. Its designed to be a mobile repair station for helmets when teams are on the road. The case features a removable front lid that has a white dry erase board mounted in the lid and a hinged top lid that holds a drill and tilt lock bins.

The top hinged lid allows easy access to an included cordless drill and small parts bins. The lid is coated in black textured coating to provide the most rugged and aesthetically pleasing surface available. The work surface below is laminated with black formica providing a smooth repair surface.

Two drawers mounted on Accuride glides are positioned directly under the work surface to provide quick and easy access to tools and additional parts, both drawers are keylockable. The left drawer features a custom CNC foam cut insert for the provided screwdriver set. The individual screwdriver compartments allow a quick inventory of the drawer, if you see an open slot; you know a tool is missing.

Below the drawers is a 12 capacity helmet storage compartment. The inner compartment is coated with black textured coating, the dividers are built out of black 3/8" Comatex plastic. The compartments allow storage for 2 helmets each.

The exterior case is built out of 3/8" plywood and features 4" Colson casters (2 Locking & 2 Non Locking), recessed lid stays and 8 deep recessed handles. The front lid featured 2 padlockable hasp latches for security.

The case is designed to fit in most bus bays. The back of the case features white plastic runners to make loading and unloading from a bus bay as easy as possible.

Check out a video of this case at AFCA shot by Football Coaches Daily: CLICK HERE

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