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14U Heavy Duty Installed Server Rack w/Removable Door

This case is a heavy duty server rack designed for installed and on campus applications. The rack is intended to offer a more portable alternative to standard metal server racks. Featuring 14 RU of rack height and 30” of rack depth, the rack will find a perfect home in office server applications, data centers and long term installs. 

The rack features pre-tapped 10/32” rack rail, which eliminates the need for cage nuts when installing equipment. Three sets of rack rail are provided for flexibility. The front rails are recessed 2.75”, with the rear rails being recessed 3.75”. A mid mounted set of rails is provided for cable management and the rear mounting of equipment. The mid rails are mounted in a slide track allowing them 12” of travel front to back. Front & rear doors are provided to create a finished look. Expanded metal is pressed into the doors to allow for adequate ventilation. The doors hinge open 150 degrees allowing them to fold almost flat to the case sides. The doors can also be removed without the need for tools. The rack also features a 2RU patch section below the main rack. This is designed for patch panels to be mounted outside of the main rack section. This allows the doors to remain closed during operation. 

The rack is built of ¾” Baltic Birch plywood finished with black texture coating. The rack features 4 black deep recessed handles, and rides on 4” x 2” HD Colson casters. The front 2 casters have brakes to lock the rack in place. 

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