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Buffalo Bills Athletic Trainer’s Sideline Travel Trunk

This custom sideline athletic trainer’s trunk was built for the Buffalo Bills. The trunk is designed to be a mobile workstation for the team’s athletic trainers stored on the sideline during the game. 

The trunk lid features 5 sets of Tilt Lock bins which feature 10 individual compartments split into 3 sections. 5 custom built storage compartments are also provided. These custom compartments are built from ½” marine grade plastic. The front facing piece with doors is built from 3/8” clear Lexan. Each compartment features a heavy duty Southco slam latch. The lid is supported by gas springs to aid in opening and closing. One of the gas springs is locking which ensures that the lid stays open even during rough handling. 

The trunk’s main work surface is built from ½” marine grade plastic. This material is a non-abrasive heavy duty, wipeable surface designed for year of hard use. Below the work surface are 3 drawers. The left and center drawers feature ¼” marine grade plastic divider networks that create 27 compartments. The top right drawer also utilizes a  ¼” marine grade plastic divider network that creates 6 compartments. The bottom right drawers are split into 8 compartments, with the left 2 drawers split into 4 compartments. Each drawer is built from ½” Baltic Birch plywood, mounted on HD Accuride glides, and finished with black textured coating. The drawers are built into a ½ plywood shell that allows them to operate independently from the trunk exterior. This unique design allows the drawer unit to be modular for future expansion or re-design in addition to providing isolation during transport. 

The trunk exterior is built from 3/8” plywood laminated with black ABS plastic. The trunk featured deep recessed hardware and rides on 6” field casters, 2 of which are locking. 

Special thanks to Buffalo Bills for a great project! 

Check out our Project Spotlight Video on this trunk! 

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